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 A lifetime Away-abc

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A lifetime Away-abc Empty
PostSubject: A lifetime Away-abc   A lifetime Away-abc Icon_minitimeFri Feb 29, 2008 5:51 am

death poem to ^^ di kasi ako gumagawa ng happy poems eh

The leaves have fallen from the trees
And summer days are gone.
Lingering twilight in the chilling breeze
And the end of the robin's song.

All of my life I searched for you
Not knowing it until that day
When you appeared out of the blue
After almost a lifetime away.

Somehow we knew that time would fly
And yet we embraced our love.
We had time to laugh and sometimes cry
And we thanked our Father above.

We now had hope for each new day
And each other to comfort at night.
You always had something tender to say
And made everything seem all right.

When sickness came and would not leave
With courage I watched you fight.
We prayed each day and tried to believe
That somehow it would be all right.

But time was slipping away...
Faster each day, it seemed.
With dignity and grace you continued to pray
And at night, of Heaven, we dreamed.

Heaven is where you are, its true,
Above the storm clouds and rain,
Where the sky is so eternally blue
And there is no more sickness or pain.

Time is passing still faster each day
And at night I miss holding your hand,
But I remember you taught me to pray
And to believe in the Promised Land.

The trees will be dressed in leaves so new
And summer days will re-appear.
Twilight will become the eternal blue
And the robin will sing so clear.

It is a great comfort to know that you
Are not really so far away,
And you will appear out of the blue,
After almost a lifetime away.

A lifetime Away-abc Morocc-03
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A lifetime Away-abc
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